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26th March – 2nd April 2016
Opening Night: Friday 25th March, 18:00—20:00

Surface Gallery presents Unsolved Equations Do Also Exist, an exhibition of experimental drawing by Berlin-based artists, Juan Toro and Mirjam Kroker.


The desire for the complete image is constantly renewed. The cognitive structure of the world constructed through language is called “image construction”, where language is generated from images, the idea of form and content, as well as other conceptual constellations.

But there is another way the creation of images have been conceived that is found in the world of art, a technology that is more a metaphor for the construction of ideas with images. The arts belong to a field of open-ended horizons that cannot be observed a priori, because the metaphor is without limits. In this sense, the drawing can be translated into a metaphorical imperative.

Even if unsolved equations exist, it is impossible to construct a mathematical system to structure the un-structurable. The work of Toro and Koker lead us into a world of the unexpected where neither causality nor its effects can be discerned.

Juan Toro works with semantic drawings, with details that are not easily perceived. The drawings contain texts and different surfaces that often go unnoticed. In these drawings the intentional and the accidental is difficult to distinguish. Toro’s work, in the words of the artist, takes us “beyond the domestication of the surprise”.

Mirjam Kroker’s drawings and installations are often configured in constellations of relations between metaphorical referents and linguistic signs, which allude to something that is not immediately apparent, something beyond the obvious.

Unsolved Equations Do Also Exist will open on Friday 25th April at 18:00 in the Main Gallery. As always, there will be a donations bar, with ales from local brewery, Springhead.

Notes to the Editor:
Juan Toro was born in 1973 in Palmira, Colombia. He studied Fine Art at the Instituto Departamental de Bellas Artes, Cali, Columbia, and Philosophy at the University of Vienna, Austria. Juan Toro has exhibited internationally.

Mirjam Kroker was born in 1982 in Stuttgart. She studied Culture and Anthropology at the University of Vienna in Austria, and later Fine Art at the Art Academy Dresden HfBK. Kroker has realised and/or participated in various art and theory projects in different places around the world.
In 2011 Toro and Kroker founded Projekte für Zeitgenössische Ästhetik (Projects of Contemporary Aesthetics) in Berlin.

Opening Hours:
Opening Night: Friday 25th March, 6-8pm
Tuesday to Friday: 12:00-18:00
Saturday: 11:00-17:00
16 Southwell Road, Nottingham, NG1 1DL

For more information, high-resolution images or interview opportunities, please contact
Jez Kirby

Twitter; @surfacegallery

Exhibition: Unsolved Equations Do Also Exist by Juan Toro and Mirjam Kroker.

Exhibition: Unsolved Equations Do Also Exist by Juan Toro and Mirjam Kroker.




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