PZÄ analyzes the substantial changes in art and the associated key questions for contemporary aesthetic in a multipolar world, beyond art as a mere illustration of a theory or a theory that tries to explain everything. In classical aesthetic, there was no accurate theoretical philosophy of art but contemporary aesthetic is something other than the philosophy of art it structures itself and separated from philosophy. Projects for contemporary aesthetic is except an excuse to make art an art & theory project about the meanings and the different types to make art and their implications for contemporary aesthetic.

There would be so to speak so many ways to make art as humans and in this sense, different definitions of art. We try to make art in a way considered beyond the limitation of art as a formal object which can be retained or taken away without asking what makes it important. The ‚doing‘ is to maintain the careful work and for us is their cultural and social context the most fragile one. The artwork as an antenna to receive reality.

GOALS: Projects for contemporary aesthetic is an art & theory project for the amplification of art – taking into account artistic production in different regions of the world – in collaboration with artists, curators, critics, theorists on contemporary aesthetic. It provides a forum for artistic and theoretical exchange on current key issues of contemporary aesthetic practice. We do exhibitions, lectures and other conceivable events that deal with contemporary aesthetic. Another focus is the archiving and documentation of the projects, as well as the release of texts, notes and publications accompanying the projects. That is a documentary directed work of art and cultural production that currently takes place in various regions of the world. In doing so we take different artistic positions into account like painting, photography, sculpture, installation, film, video-art, as well as artistic-curatorial practice. Projects for contemporary Aesthetic is also researching about substantial changes in the art world and about the implications of different ways to make art, as well as different ways to contextualize and present art. Relevance: In the past decades, significant changes in artistic practice can be noticed. In all cultures, an extension of artistic practice has taken place and continues to take place. Along with this goes a changing understanding of aesthetic – as a contemporary aesthetic. Contemporary art exists and is very present today – therefore there is the need for a thorough theoretical and artistic occupation with a contemporary aesthetic. There is a classic aesthetic that corresponds to classical art, modern aesthetic according to modern art, and therefore a contemporary aesthetic for contemporary art. This is not about a radically historical view with a big „H“ respectively a chronological view but a process. Nevertheless, we believe that the human question how do people articulate their own artistic environment is very important. There is no institution or something similar in german-speaking regions known to us, which explicitly and in this way is dedicated to a contemporary aesthetic, therefore we wish to establish one – named as projects for contemporary aesthetic. Founded by Juan Fernando Toro Lopez and  Mirjam  Kroker in  spring 2011.


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